Bringing back your lost revenue one customer at a time.

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Have you lost a customer?
Let us bring them back.

By mining your customer records a single customer at a time. Not once, or even twice, but every single day!

Our proprietary system analyzes millions of customer records each and every day so we can communicate with them at the right time before they are lost forever.

The recovery program will communicate to your lost customer with just the right amount of messages to make sure they know you have not forgot about them.

Once we bring them back to you, the recovery program automatically stops for that individual customer.


We locate those customers that you have lost or are about to lose.

180 Day

The recovery program will communicate to your lost customer.

210 Day

Specific messages to specific people, with variable offers designed to deliver results!

240 Day

Additional offers where customers are not engaging...until they do!


Recovery program brings those lost customers for a RO!


Your customer has returned and the communications end.

You Win!
Another lost customer has returned!

Start bringing back customers

Superior results with our propietary delivery system

Our program has been systematically engineered to work more effectively than any other email marketing system in the automotive landscape.


case study








Our customers experience a 67% higher engagement rate than traditional email programs in the automotive industry.
And a 59% lower bounce rate on emails delivered.

Effective Offers

Its not a race to the bottom line. We strategically present good offers to your lost customers and ONLY increase the discount if they are not engaging so you’re not forced to give a massive discount to every customer.

4 Unique Service Offers and 1 Trade in Offer on every communication

Personalized Communications

Customer specific variable data personalized to your dealership with your links and contact information included in every communication.

Nothing to Lose

We are a pay for performance company. If we don’t drive customers into service who spend money with you, we don’t get paid!

We are so confident in our system that we don’t lock you into any contracts, we charge no minimum fees, and no monthly software fees.

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You can see every conversion and all the RO Details all in one place. Get the reports delivered to your inbox each month.


We were looking for something to bring lost customers back, something that we didn't have to manage ourselves. When we saw Recovery.Marketing, we were blown away. We didn't believe it at first, but we had no risk so we tried it anyway. The recovery system generated over $100,000 of service revenue from our lost customers in the FIRST 30 DAYS and SOLD 8 cars. There is nothing like it in the market, I login and check the results every morning to see what customers the system brought back each day. It is an absolute no brainer

John T

Vice President, Montrose Auto Group


So how much does it cost and how does it work?

It is simple, when the Recovery program brings back a customer for service who has not serviced their vehicle within the last 180 days at your store and they spend a minimum of $50.00, that RO qualifies for a one-time commission.

Here are 3 actual commission examples of lost customers:

Recovery.Marketing earns 10% of any qualifying RO up to a maximum of $50.00

When Recovery brings back a customer that trades their vehicle within 30 days, Recovery earns a one time $150.00 commission per vehicle.

Since we are purely pay for performance, if we don't deliver results, we don't get paid!!

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Bring back your lost revenue one customer at a time.